Real-life Batmobile with armoured glass and replica gun stopped by police for not having a licence plate – The Sun

A FULLY-FUNCTIONING Batmobile with a replica gun has been pulled over by Russian police.

The life-like motor was seized by traffic officers in Moscow after they noticed it didn't have a licence plate and was too wide for the city's streets.

Police were even forced to wrap the iconic car in black plastic and tow it away.

Footage taken from the incident shows several officers standing around the monstrous motor, while bystanders gather to get a glimpse.

A 32-year-old driver, which local media did not name, was charged with violating traffic laws.

The vehicle appears to be one of four recreations of the iconic vehicle which featured in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, starring Ben Affleck.

A similar Batmobile showed up in Russia last year where it was being sold for £680,000, although it's unclear whether this is the same car.

Built in 2018, the impressive motor is powered by a five-litre engine and is capable of hitting speeds up to 62mph.

The tank also boasts a thermal imaging camera, automatic doors and a replica gun mounted to the bonnet.

It even features bullet-proof glass and a detachable steering wheel, similar to ones found in racing cars.

It's not the first time a Batmobile has emerged for sale, with another impressive replica hitting the market earlier this year.

The movie motor started life as a standard 2002 Toyota before undergoing a year-long conversion – and it even comes with its own flame-thrower exhaust.

Last year, Ford revealed its plans to create a real-life Batmobile that comes with its own hidden motorbike.

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