Property buyers are willing to pay an extra £70,000 for certain home feature

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A stunning view of the countryside or the coast can make a property more appealing to buyers.

However, new research has found that four in five people (82 percent) would pay more for an ideal view.

In fact, people would be willing to pay on average £70,000 for the perfect view from their home – whether that’s the coast, the beach, the mountains or the city.

The research from estate agents Purplebricks found that the exact average was in fact £72,961.60.

Men were willing to pay almost an additional £5,000 (£75,636.60) for their dream view compared to women who would pay £70,711.90 for a stunning view.

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The research also revealed Northerners would spend £66,532.40 for their dream view, and Southerners would fork out £83,030.80 – almost 25 percent more.

People living in Birmingham were the biggest spenders, claiming they would spend an average of around £89,000 for their dream view.

For some buyers, money is no object when it comes to securing the perfect view. More than one in 10 (11 percent) said they would pay more than £200,000 for their dream view according to a study.

What can the average figure get Britons? For £72,961.60, Britons could bag themselves a holiday lodge or in some areas a two-bed house or flat.

And not everyone is willing to pay extra cash for a stunning view. Fifteen percent of respondents claimed they would only pay an average of up to £4,999 for their dream view.

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Nearly one in five (18 percent) claimed they would not spend anything extra on a property because of its view.

What are Britons’ dream views?

The top choice is the sea (27 percent), followed by fields (17 percent) and the beach (15 percent).

Top dream views from a property:

1. The sea

2. Fields

3. The beach

4. Mountains

5. View over a town or city

6. Trees

7. A park

Courtney, chief sales officer at Purplebricks, said: “The price of a home isn’t just about the bricks and mortar, but what you can see when you look out of the window.

“It goes to show just how special the tranquillity of fields, or the ability to enjoy the crashing of the waves in the sea from your back garden.

“A perfect view is such a personal thing, only an individual can dictate how much it is worth to them – and in some cases, it seems to be worth a lot.

“But that view can’t just be available from the bedroom window. If you have a stunning view hidden behind some tall fencing or hedges, it could be worth investing in trimming the hedges or lowering the fencing to show off that view from the rest of the property, because it could make you quite a bit of extra cash.”

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