Property: ‘Add thousands of pounds to your house value’ by installing ‘luxurious feature’

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The property market is continuing to boom across the country, and many homeowners are looking to get their properties sold for a good price. There’s one way to increase the value of your house and that’s by adding underfloor heating, which can also be used as a cooling system – brilliant for those hot summer weeks, and cold winter months. 

Dave Johnson, Head of Technical at The Underfloor Heating Store explained: “Underfloor heating is a fantastic and luxurious feature which can add thousands of pounds to your property. 

“While it might initially seem like a huge expense, the costs vary depending on the square metre required. 

“But even considering underfloor heating for one room, such as a bathroom or kitchen, will attract buyers. 

“Ensure you’ve done your research on the different types of underfloor heating to decide which systems will work best for your type of property before making a decision.”

The expert explained how underfloor heating is attractive to potential buyers. 

Energy saving 

While UFH might seem like a costly expense upfront (depending on the square metre of flooring you require), the installation of UFH attracts house buyers because it reduces the overall cost of energy bills – particularly a water-based underfloor heating system. 

Water-based heating systems provide lower long-term running costs compared to electric systems and using a more efficient heating source such as an air source heat pump can bring even greater savings. 

Controlling an underfloor heating system with smart home automation such as a Prowarm ProTouch Smart Thermostat also unlocks even bigger savings on your energy bills.

More space 

With UFH installed under a variety of flooring types including floorboards, there’s no need to worry about hiding or blocking clunky radiators in a property, as this will ultimately give you more space to play with. 

Potential buyers can enjoy the freedom of having more wall space to change the property to their own taste, therefore replacing the radiators for UFH could be an attractive trait for buyers.

Easy maintenance 

Underfloor heating systems are very easy to maintain after installation. 

Heating can be controlled via thermostats within the property, and can even be adjusted per zone/room. 

Potential buyers will also consider how much maintenance needs to be done in a house before putting down an offer, while also considering whether their home is future-proof. 

Future-proofing your home now by installing UFH can save potential buyers the added stress of replacing a traditional heating system. 

Therefore, buyers are more likely to pay a premium price for the peace of mind and added benefits an underfloor heating system can provide.


Properties with UFH installed often come with higher quality flooring too, which is an attractive trait to potential buyers. 

The flooring best suited for underfloor heating tends to be more luxurious, such as polished concrete or hardwoods as they conduct heat more easily. 

This adds to the luxury feel of a property, providing an excellent finish for home buyers.

Comfort for the whole family 

Potential buyers tend to have families which include pets and small children, who are likely to spend a lot of time indoors and on the floor. 

A cold home with an inefficient heating system can be unattractive to these types of buyers who want their families to be comfortable, particularly in the winter. 

Therefore, potential buyers with families are more likely to invest in a home that has a higher energy-efficient rating with a quality underfloor heating system. 

Underfloor heating can also have a cooling setting, meaning the house can stay cool during the hot summer weeks. 

Luxurious lifestyle 

Underfloor heating truly is one of those luxury additions to a property that instantly attracts people and will boost your property value. 

Therefore, although the initial installation cost of underfloor heating can be expensive, you’ll get your return on investment with the benefits it has to offer in the long run. 

Buyers who are wanting to buy into a luxurious lifestyle will be looking for superiority in a home. 

If a house is finished to a high standard, the buyer is more likely to make a higher offer to the seller. 

Installing a water-based underfloor heating system in your home demonstrates that you’ve chosen a luxury and energy-efficient heating system, offering comfort, practicality and potentially lower energy bills. 

This luxury is only going to attract more potential buyers who will be willing to put down higher offers.

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