Princess Charlene finally returns to Monaco – inside the palace she shares with Albert

Princess Charlene of Monaco 'taken on' too much says expert

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Charlene, Princess of Monaco, who turned 44 in January, has missed several public engagements due to her health in recent months. Prince Albert, who is celebrating his 64th birthday today, and Charlene marked their 10th wedding anniversary last July. But the couple spent the day apart as the Princess was in South Africa undergoing multiple procedures for the ENT infection.

But now Charlene has returned to her Monaco home – the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, where she lives with Prince Albert and their twin children – Jacques and Gabriella, both seven.

What is it like inside?

Located in the centre of Monaco, the royal palace was built in 1215 and nowadays it is one of the city’s main attractions.

The Palace of Monaco was originally the western border fortress of the Republic of Genoa, and it became the residence of the Grimaldi family when they established their sovereignty over the country in the 15th century.

Official events as well as the most important ceremonies have been held at the palace’s courtyard, including Princess Charlene and Prince Albert’s engagement photoshoot.

The couple’s wedding also took place at the palace in 2011 and the stunning pictures gave a glimpse of the luxurious interior of the residence.

The palace’s courtyard features a double marble staircase decorated with green and white flowers and red carpets.

A balcony, used to stand and pose during official events, is one of the most photographed parts of the royal residence.

The property is an Italian Renaissance-style palace featuring decorated walls and ochre tones.

In 2015, Prince Albert carried out a major restoration of both the exterior and the interior.

He also renewed the presentation of the public visitor circuit.

Royal fans can visit Princess Charlene’s home when they visit Monaco for just 8€ which equates to £6.71.

The State Apartments, as well as the museum and cars collection of the Prince of Monaco, are open to the public.

Princess Charlene often shares snaps of the family in the royal residence on social media.

Some pictures revealed a very traditional decoration.

Baroque-style sofas, velvet cushions, long curtains, marble floors and gold decorations on the walls cover the rooms.

Speaking to South Africa’s Channel24, Charlene’s sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock explained the Princess was very happy to return to her Monaco home.

“The Princess is extremely happy to be back home with her family.

“She will be staying with her husband and children,” she said.

At the palace, Princess Charlene has spent some of her happiest moments, including her wedding in 2011, the presentation of their twins and her beloved daily family life.

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