Perino: We have reached the 'crisis of confidence danger zone' as supply shortages persist into holiday season

The Five slam supply chain handling: We are in a crisis of confidence danger zone

Panel reacts to supply chain crisis causing inflation, set to disrupt Christmas

Fox News host Dana Perino warned Tuesday that the Biden administration is on the brink of facing a major “crisis of confidence” amid increasing concerns over supply chain shortages and empty shelves ahead of the holidays.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg blamed the pandemic for supply chain bottlenecks in an interview with Bloomberg last week, but offered no imminent solutions. Buttigieg at the time revealed that the crippling shortages will not only impact this year’s holiday shopping season, but that the underlying issues could take “years and years to address.”

Buttigieg’s laid-back tone did not sit well with “The Five” co-host Dana Perino, who questioned his sense of urgency on the issue.

“Oh My God. Is there no urgency for anything in the Biden administration?” she fired back, telling Biden officials to “at least show that you care.”

“Nothing says ‘return to normal’ like a shortage of toilet paper,” she added. “That’s what we are going to see. We are getting into a crisis of confidence danger zone – when Little Jesse Jr. cannot get his Christmas present, that will be bad,” Perino went on, “but there is another thing beyond people not getting Christmas presents. Think of other companies and people who do seasonal, holiday work, where they are helping ship things out,” she said. “There will be no need to do that.”

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld said the lack of urgency to fix labor and supply chain shortages among Washington elites is because “their kids are going to get the gifts that your kids aren’t going to get.”

“That’s why they’re in politics,” he said. “To be exempt from the scarcity that we have to deal with.”

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