People are only just realising their iPhone has a ‘secret menu’ that unlocks hidden features — here's how to access it | The Sun

PEOPLE are only just realising that their iPhone has a "secret menu" that unlocks hidden features.

Under the bonnet of every Apple mobile device is a concealed menu that keeps details about your phone's network service which you can't find elsewhere.

You can uncover the hidden menu by opening the phone calling option.

Then type in a series of numbers and symbols into your phone as if you’re about to call a number. 

From there, simply dial *3001#12345#* and hit the call button.

Hit the call button and a special dashboard should appear, with bunch of technical info.

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But the one you want to take a look at is called LTE RSRP, which stands for Reference Signal Received Power.

This is basically the true signal strength of your iPhone.

It usually goes from -140 to -40, and the closer you are to -40 the better.

This area is actually meant for engineers to get in-depth information about your smartphone's connection.

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But there's no harm in having a nose around with this handy hack.

Although you probably won't be able to understand most of the other features which are meant for techy types.

The so-called Field Test Mode has been lurking around for years.

Android owners can find theirs by going to Settings > About phone > Status > SIM status > Signal Strength.

It comes as iPhone users were urged to check their devices as Apple prepares to delete photos after a major feature was killed.

Meanwhile, smartphone owners have been informed of certain settings that can drain their iPhone's battery life.

It can be very annoying when your iPhone's battery dies – especially when you're out.

And check out our iPhone storage guide that details three nifty tricks to free up some space so you can get snapping again in no time.

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