People are just realizing Wi-Fi router mistake risks strangers reading your emails – change settings now | The Sun

A LOT of Wi-Fi routers have networks that extend hundreds of feet.

This is great for you at home but not so great if strangers are accessing your network from outside.

Verizon has issued a warning over Wi-Fi stranger danger and it's worth taking note of.

The tech giant explains on its website how some Wi-Fi networks can extend more than 300 feet.

It says: "This means that people outside your home may be able to access your Wi-Fi network."

Verizon then lists seven concerning things that strangers could do if they access your Wi-Fi network.

It says they could "monitor the websites you visit" and "copy your usernames and passwords."

They could also "read your email and other messages" and "view files on your computer."

Hackers can also infect devices with viruses if they have access to your Wi-Fi network.

Verizon says you also risk letting them send spam or perform illegal activities via your network unless you secure it.

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Lastly, Verizon says strangers could "slow down your computer and your internet connection speed."

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent any of these disasters.

Verizon says: "To protect your network, be sure to enable network security.

"This means entering a Wi-Fi password to connect to your network."

You can also hide your network from view.

Verizon adds: "Your Wi-Fi network name shows up when anyone searches for networks in the area.

"Hide the name to make it harder to hack into your network."

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