People are just realizing Android has special security setting that stops snoopers spying on you | The Sun

IF you're an Android user and privacy is a top priority, it's worth trying out an expert-recommended setting.

Lots of specialists recommend using a Private DNS setting for Android that gives you extra protection while you're online.

DNS stands for Domain Name Service.

It's like the phone book of the internet and translates website addresses you're searching for into IP addresses.

Cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky have pointed out flaws with DNS.

The Kaspersky blog explains: "Almost every internet query starts with a computer contacting a DNS server to translate a site name entered into its IP address.

"And almost always it’s be done by the DNS server of your internet provider, while the request to it is neither encrypted nor signed.

"This insecurity brings many side effects."

Side effects include your internet service provider knowing what sites you've visited.

They may use this information to send you targeted adverts.

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Hackers can also attack this technology and could lead you to malicious sites or control your Wi-Fi network.

To avoid this, users of devices with Android 9 or above can try Private DNS mode.

Open your Settings, and click More connections and then select Private DNS.

The route to this may be slightly different depending on your Android model.

Next, you'll have to specify a server and then click to confirm.

You should be able to research a server that's right for you.

Revert back to your original settings via the same method if you encounter issues.

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