Paint expert’s urgent warning on painting over mould and damp or risk ‘damage’

Handy tips for cleaning mould in the house

While some homeowners may be tempted to use paint to hide black mould in their property, Jamie Hancox, painting expert and managing director at paint brand Tikkurila, has shared an insight into the dangers of doing so.

The expert explained: “Painting directly over mould is never a good idea. Even though it may appear that you have visually taken care of the problem, the mould spores will still be alive beneath the coat of paint you have applied and will soon show through again.

“Mould can survive and thrive under a coat of paint and if left to spread it can embed itself into substrates such as plaster or woodwork and cause structural damage to your home.

“Breathing in mould can also have negative effects on your respiratory system.”

As the colder temperatures begin to creep in and central heating is turned on, condensation and reduced airflow in homes create a perfect environment for mould to thrive in.

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If Britons have spotted mould spores, then uncovering the root cause of the problem is crucial, according to the pro.

Reasons can range from too much condensation, a leak, or even external structural issues such as loose painting or broken roof tiles.

For those looking to paint a room affected by mould, the paint expert recommended cleaning the mould with a removal solution first, many of which are readily available.

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The expert said: “It is critical to use a cleaning solution specifically formulated to deal with mould or you won’t kill all of the mould spores on the surface which could impact how paint adheres to the surface.

“After ensuring the wall is thoroughly dry, apply a mould-inhibiting primer, followed by an extra-durable topcoat paint with the same anti-mould qualities.

“Ensure that the primer and paint you choose to use is also designed to suppress the growth of mould.”

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Dealing with black mould becomes tougher and more costly the longer it’s left. As a result, Jamie has recommended they have good ventilation in their homes.

This is especially important for rooms which experience a lot of humidity, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

It may also be worth investing in a dehumidifier if you suffer from damp or mould to help reduce the amount of excess moisture in the air.

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