Octopus Energy alert as trial to save money on energy bills continues

Cost of living: Three tips to save money on energy bills

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The energy provider is trialing a scheme which could help people save money on their energy bills during the cost of living crisis. Households could save up to £100 through its Saving Sessions initiative which should also reduce the likelihood of potential blackouts this winter.

More than one million smart meter customers are being encouraaged to reduce their energy usage during peak times in returrn for a discount on their energy bill.

Octopus Energy says it will pay some of its customers around £4 for every unit of energy saved compared to their normal usage during specific hours.

Its customers could save up to £100 between November 2022 and March 2023 which works out at around £20 a month.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, Octopus Energy wrote: “Hope everyone’s opted in and ready to press paws on their energy at 5.30pm!”

One Octopus Energy customer @Look at me…I’m Samba Dee replied: “Getting ready for #SavingSessions tonight via @OctopusEnergy.

“Got my dinner scheduled to be ready in the slow cooker, chores, dishes, laundry etc will be done and dusted before 5.30pm tonight, then hop into bed with the candles on again for a snuggle with these monsters.”

EON Next is also taking part in the National Grid initiative to try and encourage its customers to use less energy at peak times after the first trail was a resounding success.

It wrote on Twitter: “Energy Shift is for our customers who want to take part in the National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service. In the test event our customers saved the equivalent energy of powering a 50w TV for 17 years!”

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