NYC residents talk to Lawrence Jones about increase in crime, squalor: 'It's before the Giuliani era'

What do New Yorkers think about the rise in crime in their city?

Lawrence Jones asks residents about the decline of NYC on ‘Hannity.’

Fox Nation host and Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones continued his reporting Monday from New York City, where residents are blaming Mayor Bill de Blasio for an ongoing increase in violence.

"We talked with residents about the crime, the shootings, and the drugs that are on the street — they blamed the mayor," Jones said on "Hannity" before showing footage from his trademark man-on-the-street interviews.

"People are shooting up on the streets, drugs. Businesses are boarded up. A lot of people have compared that to the ‘80s. Is it fair?" Jones asked one man.

"It's true, it's very true," came the answer. "It's [like] before the [former mayor Rudy] Giuliani era. It's starting to degrade back to that again."

Another man claimed that de Blasio had taken New York City back to "pre-[mayor David] Dinkins days," referring to Giuliani's predecessor.

Another respondant, a woman, flatly told Jones, "I blame the mayor."

Jones, the host of "Keeping Up with Jones" on Fox Nation, noted that New York saw shootings increase by 177 percent in the month of July, while murders spiked by 50 percent.

De Blasio, for his part, said Monday the city wa facing a "perfect storm" of circumstances that are responsible for the violence.

"We have people without jobs, without school, without anything," the mayor said. "[We have] massive pent-up frustrations."

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