NYC Councilman Joe Borelli says Cuomo, Albany Democrats to blame for 'deeply disturbing' crime stats

NYC Councilman Joe Borelli predicts accountability for ‘TV tough guy’ Cuomo


New York City councilman Joe Borelli joined “Fox & Friends” on Sunday to discuss how Albany Democrats’ policies have led to the 83% rise in shootings over the past year, and the state of the sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

JEDEDIAH BILA: Obviously horrific news out of Times Square yesterday, deeply disturbing statistics when it comes to the murder rates in the city. What’s going on right now in New York City? Why is it happening and what can be done about it?

JOE BORELLI: These are the kind of crimes that do happen even before our policies and laws were changed. They grab a headline and we talk about it for a little while. But what’s different today and why this should anger so many people out there is that this is being done more frequently because of policies enacted by Albany Democrats, including Andrew Cuomo. As the commissioner pointed out, a lot of this has to do with the fact that there’s no consequences for gun crimes. Eighty-eight percent of people who were arrested in 2020 for gun crimes were back on the streets without any bail. Fifty-five percent of people who were arrested pulling a trigger, back on the streets with no bail. It’s a shame to say that Albany Democrats like Cuomo and company and all these people, they care more about protecting the rights of the shooter, than about the people who are out there just enjoying a nice day, and certainly more than the cops who are running towards the shooter…


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