Newsmax Host Blames Trump's Ass For Alleged Witness Tampering Call

Newsmax host Greg Kelly is adamant that former President Trump’s alleged attempt to contact an upcoming Jan. 6 witness is no big deal, and that it may have even been a butt dial.

During his broadcast following the hearing Kelly claimed that, having been the recipient of many a presidential phone call, “You actually can’t tell it’s him calling … How do you know the president actually called? They didn’t answer. Hey, maybe it was a butt dial! Tell the Justice Department that!”

At the close of Tuesday’s Jan. 6 committee hearing, Vice Chair Liz Cheney revealed that Trump attempted to call a witness following the committee’s previous hearing. The witness did not answer the call, instead having their lawyer inform the committee. Cheney says the committee then supplied the information to the Department of Justice.

Allegations of attempted witness tampering by Trump allies have been swirling around committee proceedings. During the committee’s hearing on June 29, Cheney revealed that multiple witnesses had received texts or calls from individuals seeking to influence their cooperation with the committee. Cheney read a statement from a witness who was told they would “stay in good graces in Trumpworld”  if they continued to be a “team player.”

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It was later reported that former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who delivered particularly damning testimony that day, received at least one of the messages.

Kelly scoffed at the implication that anything untoward is at play, especially from the president.  “Hey Liz,” he added in a tweet on Wednesday. “It could have been a BUTT DIAL. You know, like that time you called me last weekend at 2am?”

The Jan. 6 committee hearings — particular the one that preceded the alleged call — have been filled with damaging revelations, and Trump is more likely to be feeling a fire, not a phone, under his ass. Unless the former president happened to pull up the contact of a Jan. 6 witness before plopping himself on his device, it’s hard to believe the alleged call was accidental.

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