‘Never click it!’ Martin Lewis explains how to spot a scam online

Martin Lewis Money Show viewer discusses her past debt

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During the show, which was broadcast from a school in Hendon, North London Martin Lewis advised viewers to always question whether an advert they see online is real.

And he added that this is especially true if it is endorsed by a celebrity as this is a common tactic scammers use to make people think it is trustworthy.

To highlight his point he showed school kids four pictures of celebrities and asked them to rank them in order of trustworthiness.

The celebrities were Chunkz, Olivia Rodrigo, Meghan Markle and Martin Lewis.

One child placed Martin Lewis at number one, which he said brought home his point exactly – as he never promotes other companies products.

Martin said: “My face is used in more scam adverts than anybody else in the country.

“I don’t do adverts – so if you ever see an advert with me in it’s a lie.

“Scammers pick people they think you’ll trust and they put them in adverts to try and use whatever they can to get your money.”

The financial guru explained that people should always be wary when a celebrity seems to be endorsing a product as scammers use this as a tactic to con people out of their money.

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He had another great tip to help people avoid falling for scams on the internet.

Whether a celebrity is used in the advert or not, he advised people to always question whether it could be a fake.

“Whenever you’re on the internet, especially social media, you have to have someone on your back whispering in your ear, ‘Is that real?” he added.

“Never click it, never do anything without checking a proper source first.”

The show was filmed live from a school to highlight the importance of teaching financial education to children.

Martin was a part of a successful campaign to get the subject on the curriculum in 2014, but he said despite this 60 percent of schools still do not teach the course.

During the show he also talked about how Britons could improve their credit score.

A credit score is used by lenders to help them determine whether a person can repay a credit card, loan or mortgage should they be accepted.

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 He said: “There are two reasons that mean a person will not get any credit.

“The first is that a person has a history of not paying back, but the second is they don’t know who you are.”

Providers will look at a person’s salary to work out if they can pay the loan back as well as their credit history.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to have some credit, but to make sure repayments are manageable.

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