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NOW Netflix's account sharing ban is in full swing you might want to be more careful about who has access to yours.

Users in the UK and US now have to pay an extra £4.99 for additional viewers who live outside their household.

The streaming giant famously said "sharing is caring" years ago but that is now over.

Netflix estimates that 100million viewers are watching on shared accounts and wants to crackdown on it.

Some fans have worked out a cheeky way to get around the block.

But if you're concerned about who has access to your account, there is a way to check.


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They won't be able to watch stuff for free much longer anyway as Netflix will block them itself.

However, it might be a good time to chuck freeloaders off.

How do I see who is using my Netflix account?

Whether you've lost track of who you've shared your account with or simply want to have a clear out, it's possible to see the devices logged in.

It won't reveal the name of the person of course – that would be pretty impressive without any details given – but you can see things like location, so you might be able to narrow it down if you're bothered about who the freeloader is.

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Start by going to Netflix's website and signing into your account.

Click your Profile in the top right corner of the screen and find Account.

Select Profile & Parenting Controls, then Viewing Activity.

How do I stop them from using my account?

If someone is in fact using your account without your permission – or a bad behaving son or daughter is being taken off – there's a simple fix.

Firstly, users can change their password.

Or, customers can sign out of Netflix on all devices in their Settings.

Head to Netflix, and sign into your account.

Click on Profile, followed by Account.

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Go to Manage Access and Devices.

Click the Sign out button next to any device you don't want logged in anymore.

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