My wife left my neighbour nasty notes over a parking row… it's awkward because I think SHE'S the one in the wrong

A WOMAN started leaving nasty notes on their neighbour's car – but her husband has argued that she's is in the wrong.

The man was left in a tricky situation after a neighbour living in the same apartment block allegedly showed him a pile of horrible notes the wife left on her windscreen.

Posting on Reddit, the man from the US explained how there had been a fight among his neighbours for the best parking spot in their block.

And the spot everyone wanted was owned by a girl called Amy – who let her neighbours park there when she was away.

Due to Covid, Amy had spent the majority of the year in a different area, so let her fellow neighbours park in her place.

And when the man posting the story and his wife had a baby, all the other neighbours let them park in the best spot – as it was covered and close to the exit.

However, Amy returned to the parking lot – and the angry wife allegedly started leaving dozens of nasty notes on her windscreen.

She even allegedly threatened to get the car TOWED because it was "disrupting a young family's routine" – not knowing that the car was parked by the legal owner of the spot.

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Now the wife said she wants to fight for her right to park in the spot.

Writing on Reddit, the man claims: "My wife and I moved into an apartment complex. Each apartment has its allotted parking spaces (1-2 spaces) and they can’t be negotiated. Our apartment only has 1 space. 

"We noticed that in one of the spaces, (easiest to drive in/out of) had 2-3 cars alternate parking there, so my wife asked about it and the girl Amy who owned the space was an international student who freed up the space when she went to work during term break.

"She didn’t care who used the space as long as she got it back during her schooling. 

"Due to Covid, she hadn’t been able to return for a while, and in that time my wife had a baby.

"The autumn and winter were really wet so the neighbours kindly offered the space so my wife could park there with our newborn. Eventually, it just became my wife’s parking space. 

"So the issue is, Amy came back while we were on a long weekend and we took my wife’s car, so obviously when we came back there was a car parked, but at the time we didn’t know it was Amy.

"I told my wife to just park outside the gated parking lot, and that the car will most likely be gone by morning."


But the parking spot was now filled with this unknown car – which clearly caused his wife to get very angry.

He added: "About a week after that, I met Amy getting out of her car.

"Remembering what the neighbours had said, I apologised for using her space and said I’d pass the message onto my wife.

"Amy asked if that was where the notes had been coming from and saw my confused face and said, “I’ll show you”. 

"My wife had been leaving rude notes on the windshield, wanting to get Amy’s car towed for parking illegally and she was disrupting a young family’s routine.

"Amy had no idea who wrote them. She then handed me a stack of them.

"I saw my wife’s writing and my face must have made it obvious.

"I showed my wife the notes and she just said that she had been using the space for over a year and it should be deemed hers over a part-time resident, and had a right to fight for it.

"I didn’t agree as Amy legally owns it and told her to just use our original space from now on, I’d park outside.

"My wife got this very sour look and told me I don’t care about my son's well-being and shouldn’t be taking Amy’s side.

"My wife wants me to negotiate with Amy, but I think that’s dumb as her space literally has her apartment number painted on it, it’s her space.

"I told my wife it might suck having to park the car outside in the rain, but the spaces aren’t trading cards. Things have been tense since."

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