Mum’s ‘b***** brilliant’ £2.23 hack to eradicate condensation

Lynsey Crombie shares how to stop condensation on your windows

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The Duchess of Thrift is a content creator using her platform to help Britons save money on their energy bills. Her TikTok account @duchessofthrift is dedicated to “money saving hacks to help through the cost of living crisis.”

She showed her 32K followers some cheap devices she is using to avoid condensation and damp in her home. The hanging bags absorb moisture in the air that might otherwise damage the home.

The content creator said: “I’m stuck behind my blinds because I promised you I’d show you the damp traps that I put in the windows to stop the condensation in the house. Let me show you the trap. So that’s been hanging up in the window there for a week, absorbing all that water rather than my windows getting wet.”

The mother, who has previously detailed clever money saving hacks like imposing a wifi curfew, showed how much water her traps had absorbed. She held up the hanging bags, filled with water, up to the camera.

She said: “So, I’ve hung that little thing over there and you can see it’s filling up with water.” The mum used two types of disposable damp trap in her home, and found most success with the hanging type.

She got her damp traps from PoundStretcher, but similar products are available online. You can buy two hanging damp traps from Amazon for £4.45.  Otherwise, shoppers can buy six of the hanging dehumidifiers for £11.99 on eBay.

The products can be used in wardrobes and cupboards or other small places that get damp. However, the mum uses her by her windows to absorb moisture collecting there.

Amazon sellers say of the product: “This Hanging Wardrobe Dehumidifier is highly effective at collecting moisture and helps to prevent damp, mould, mildew and condensation. Each wardrobe dehumidifier absorbs twice its weight in moisture and helps to prevent damp, mould and mildew.”

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She also used a disposable interior dehumidifier in her son’s room. She showed it to her followers, and said: “This has been in there for a week but it’s only got a bit of water. So, obviously this room is not as damp but I have been drying laundry in the other room.

“I’m definitely recommending these little Poundstretcher damp traps. My windows have not been wet in the morning. They’re b***** brilliant.”

The Duchess of Thrift is not the only content creator to recommend the products. One mum uses an “absolutely fab” £1 product for condensation on her windows and walls.

Mum and TikTok user @marshie_mellows uses interior dehumidifiers she bought for £1 from the Poundshop.

She explained: “We were experiencing condensation and damp on our windows every day, as you can see. It was on the windows, and it was also on the walls as well.

“We were just really conscious about the kids and asthma and stuff, so I had a look on Amazon and found these interior dehumidifiers. They were five for about £7 or one for £1 from the Poundshop.”

Asda is selling its Lavendar Dehumidifier for £4 for a pack of four. 

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