M&S insider shares ‘brilliant’ hack for neatly folding a fitted sheet – ‘I love this!’

Lifestyle blogger gives tip for folding a fitted sheet

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Homeware textile designer at Marks & Spencer, Lydia Lloyd, shared her hack for folding a fitted sheet. Lydia, who is known as marksandspencer_lydia on Instagram and is an “M&S Insider”, shares interior and homeware styling tips on her account. A couple of days ago she posted a video showing her followers how to neatly fold a fitted sheet.

She posted on Instagram: “Not sure about you but I am always struggling to fold my fitted sheets tidily (I end up shoving it in the storage cupboard).

“Anyway, I found this tip really helpful and thought I’d share with you guys.”

Here are Lydia’s tips for neatly folding a fitted sheet:

1. Slide your hands down the length of the sheet into two corners.

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2. Take your right hand over the left and fold the corner over.

3. Slide your right hand where your left hand is and repeat.

The left hand should move to the next corner.

4. Repeat this step once more.

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5. Repeat the previous step again but this time the duvet should be a rectangular shape.

Put the sheet down on the bed and ensure the edges of the sheet are tucked into one another.

6. With the sheet still on the bed, fold it in half lengthways.

7. Once folded lengthways, fold the sheet into thirds.

The sheet should be neatly folded and should easily fit into a drawer or onto a shelf.

The sheet Lydia used in the video was the “Bodysensor Fitted Sheet – T357101F”.

The video post received 72 likes and a plethora of comments from Lydia’s fans.

Joanna Purvis said: “I love this!”

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Instagram user Kim Jones said: “Excellent Lydia, always struggled with that one!”

Rhiannon Derbyshire commented: “I literally ball mine up and chuck it into the cupboard.

“Will try this next time!”

Sam Briones said: “This is brilliant! Why didn’t I know this?!”

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