Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘cheap and cheerful’ cleaning tip to remove washing machine grime

Mrs Hinch cleans her windows using a dishmatic

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Mrs Hinch is well known for her cleaning hacks and using cheap products to keep her Essex home sparkling clean. Fans of the cleaning guru also share their cleaning finds on dedicated social media forums – like this product that can be used to remove grime from washing machines.

Regular washing machine maintenance will help prevent the buildup of mould, mildew, dust, dirt and soap deposits.

If not cleaned regularly, the buildup of grime can be harmful to not only your health, but also your clothing.

What’s more, washing machines are known to spread an unpleasant odour around the home if not cleaned properly and regularly.

One cleaning fanatic posted stunning shots of her washing machine before and then again after she had spent some time cleaning it out.

The before photo pictured a dirty washing machine with gunk and grime built up inside of her washing machine drawer.

After shots showed a perfectly clean and pristine white and grime free drawer.

The cleaning fan shared that the secret product into getting her washing machine drawer this clean was rinsing it out with Fairy Platinum washing up liquid.

She wrote on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page: “I used bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to remove all odours and smells.”

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Bicarbonate of soda can help to dissolve grease and water and is super effective in cleaning multiple surfaces around the home.

It is also deodorising, which means it can help to get rid of any unpleasant smells.

White vinegar also makes a great cleaner and disinfectant because it is made from acetic acid.

The woman added: “It’s a cheap and cheerful trick that works for me, let me know if you try it.”

Fans shared their thoughts on the cleaning tip in the comments, with one person explaining: “Will never use anything else in my washing machine, the combination works fabulous.”

Another said: “I tend to rinse mine through with a little bit of Zoflora, not to everyone’s taste though.”

A third wrote: “Agree, bicarbonate of soda is amazing, cheap in the baking aisle too.”

Another fan took to the same forum to ask for advice on a horrid smell coming from her machine.

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The post read: “Please help. No matter what I do, my washing machine smells horrid.

“I’ve put bleach through several times on a hot wash as well as washing machine cleaner. 

“It’s better for one wash and then smells again a day later. Really upsetting me, has anyone got any gems to help?”

Fans rushed to the comments to share their own cleaning methods when it came to solving bad odours.

One person said: “Pop a cap of Zoflora in the softener drawer on a hot wash.”

One woman wrote: “Clean the filter. It makes a big difference and do a hot wash with no clothes, just white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

“Also add a splash of Zoflora if you have it.”

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