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BRITS are being ripped off when charging up EVs compared to the rest of Europe.

New data has revealed that UK motorists pay more to keep their electric cars on the road than their counterparts across large parts of the Continent.

Research by major energy company Gulf Oil found that British drivers pay an average of £9.23 per 100 miles of charge.

This makes us the seventh most expensive nation for EV charging out of the 23 for which figures were available.

For comparison, drivers in Germany paid an average of £9.17, while this fell to £5.70 in Spain and just £4.15 in France.

Assuming an average annual mileage of 5,000 miles, this means that a French road user will save £254 per year on average, coughing up just £207.50 compared to £461.50 here.



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Hungary was found to be the cheapest place to charge an EV, with a 100 miles of power setting owners back just £2.17.

Bulgaria and Iceland rounded out the top three with £2.60 and £2.86 respectively.

On the other end of the scale, Italy was ranked the most expensive with a figure of £14.74, followed by Austria at £13.05 and Croatia at £11.98.

The UK also sits in the middle of the table when it comes to the difference between EV charging and petrol costs.

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Charging an electric car is, on average, £5.12 cheaper for Brits.

This compares to £8.45 in France and £9.98 in Spain, but just £1.38 in Italy.

No data was available for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovakia or Slovenia.

A spokesperson for Gulf Oil: "The research demonstrates that British EV drivers are being unfairly burdened with significantly higher domestic charging costs compared to their European counterparts.

"Gulf Oil's analysis reveals that the average British EV
driver pays £5.00 more per 100 miles to charge their vehicle at home compared to our closest neighbours, France.

"This stark contrast equates to thousands of pounds in annual savings for French EV owners but the same isn’t true for us

"In a savings comparison of 25 European countries, the UK ranks 17th, indicating the pressing need for a re-evaluation of EV charging policies and tariffs to encourage EV adoption."

It comes after a driver shared their concerns over buying an EV, saying they were held back by a key issue.

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Meanwhile, a major truck brand filed for bankruptcy just weeks after its battery supplier folded.

Top 10 cheapest and most expensive countries for EV charging


1. Hungary

2. Bulgaria

3. Iceland

4. Romania

5. Norway

6. Poland

7. France

8. Spain

9. Switzerland

10. Cyprus

Most Expensive

1. Italy

2. Austria

3. Croatia

4. Denmark

5. Greece

6. Portugal

7. UK

8. Germany

9. Ireland

10. The Netherlands

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