‘Most effective and easy’ method to remove pet hair from the house

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Experts from Mr Jeff, a Spanish startup of international laundry franchises, shared the best ways to remove pet hair from the house. The experts’ first tip was to use a microfiber cloth as “it traps the hair effectively thanks to its antistatic and absorbent properties”.

A wet microfiber cloth is “an essential item to eliminate cat hair,” according to the experts, who also advised washing it with soap and water after wiping the surfaces or items of clothing.

A damp sponge will also get rid of pet hair while a damp mop “works particularly well” to pick up hairs on the floor.

However, the cleaning experts at Mr Jeff believed the “most effective and easy” method to get rid of pet hair is using tape.

Simply wrap some tape around the hand, sticky side out, and tap on the areas where the hairs have accumulated.

The pet hair “will disappear straightaway,” commented Engi Bally, marketing manager at UK domestic cleaning company Molly Maid.

Alternatively, people can opt for lint rollers, which cost around £1.50 each, to get pet hair off their clothes and furniture fabric.

Fabric softener is another great method to keep the home free from dog and cat hair. People can mix fabric softener with water and use a cloth to wipe the affected areas.

“The compounds in this mixture will make the fibres of the hairs soften and break off easily,” the experts explained.

Another trick is using a damp fabric softener sheet, that people normally pop in their dryer, to pick up pet hair.

Latex gloves are another effective way to clean sofas, clothes or blankets. Simply wet the gloves, and using the hands only, wipe the areas where the hairs are.

This can be used to clean surfaces, sofas, blankets and clothes, as the hairs “get stuck to the gloves” in no time, the experts explained.

Engi Bally commented: “Our best-kept secret is to take a rubber glove and press on surfaces like sofas or any fabric, and that allows the hair to ball up.

“What’s good about it is that it works for both cat and dog hair, short and long.

“Once it’s balled up, you can just wipe the rest of the surface clean.”

The experts also recommended applying cold air directly to the area with a hairdryer and “vacuum to remove the pet’s hair” on the floor afterwards.

Vacuuming will get rid of a lot of pet hairs on the floor but there are also special pet hair vacuums on the market.

People should make sure to empty it regularly, as pet hairs will block the vacuum easily.

Finally, a method to remove pet hair from clothes effortlessly is by placing the items of clothing in the dryer for a few minutes.

Selecting a cool setting can also help loosen pet hairs and adding a fabric softener sheet will do an even better job.

After, simply throw away the sheet and empty the machine’s filter to dispose of the hair.

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