‘Most commonly’ stolen items during a burglary – protect your home

Burglary: Met Police gives advice to protect your home

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With winter on its way, it is important to know that burglaries are more likely to take place. Home security experts at ADT looked at the number of residential burglaries per 1,000 people for the year ending March 2022 in England and Wales to establish what the most commonly stolen items are.

According to the experts, the “most commonly” stolen item during a burglary is a purse or wallet as well as money and cards.

They said 40 percent of incidents for the year ending March 2022 had money stolen including bank cards.

Next was jewellery and watches, followed by computers and computer equipment. 

The fourth most common stolen goods were electrical goods as well as cameras, with 19 percent of incidents experiencing these items stolen.

Following electrical goods were household items such as furniture and then mobile phones and vehicles.

The experts said: “These items are usually easy to carry and resell for a high price, making them favourable for burglars compared to heavy TVs and PCs.”

In eighth place came car keys followed by food and toiletries as well as cigarettes. The experts then found criminals go for handbags and shopping bags followed by clothing items.

On average, a burglary in England and Wales costs £2,856, as a mean average, according to the security experts. 

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They added: “We found that the cost of stolen items in a burglary amounts to more than £1,000 in 44 percent of incidents.”

The home security pros at ADT also provided five key tips on how to protect your property from a burglary.

They explained: “The most essential step to protecting your home is your home security. Smart systems can include PIR motion sensors, camera doorbells, touch screen alarm panels and smart bulbs. 

“Monitored home security systems also ensure that when you’re away, a dedicated alarm centre is on hand 24/7 to monitor any break-ins, giving you peace of mind.

“Also ensure all your locks are in good working order – especially garages and less commonly used windows and doors.

“Consider taking part in your local Neighbourhood Watch group to raise awareness of crime in your community. 

“It might also be a good idea to join local community groups online for your area to see if there is anything you should be on the lookout for (e.g. door knocking scams).”

Households could invest in smart lighting around their property to give the appearance of occupancy. An external camera or video doorbell could also deter burglars. 

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The pros added: “When burglars enter a home the most likely items to be stolen are small, valuable items that are left in plain sight. 

“It can make a huge difference if you hide your most valuable possessions before you leave home.”

Recent research by the company also found the time of the day when break-ins are most likely to occur. The study found that most burglaries in England and Wales tend to occur in the evening, from 6pm to midnight.

A total of 32 percent of burglaries took place during this time, while a further 26 percent took place between midnight and 6am.

The experts said these times are the “most dangerous”. The findings also found that most burglaries happen in the dark, with a total of 58 percent occurring when there is low light.

This is often the case with burglaries because they are less likely to be seen by people passing.

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