Money saving tips: Six ways to save hundreds on your heating as temperatures plummet

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Household bills have increased over the past few months, with more of us working from home than ever. This means unavoidable bills, with winter temperatures meaning the heating is switched on throughout the day. However, there are some simple ways you can save money on your heating bills.

According to data from price comparison site Choose, running a 24Kw boiler for an hour costs approximately 91p.

This means if you were to have your heating on all day (eight hours) for five days a week, it would likely cost you a whopping £146 extra per month.

If you factor in making lunch, coffees, and running computers all day, soon your household bills will mount.

But there are some things you can do to ensure a toasty home while saving money.

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One obvious way heat is lost can be through windows – and there are a couple of things you can do to avoid this.

Martin Troughton, Marketing Director at Safestyle told “Older windows tend to let a lot of the precious heat from your home escape meaning that you’re using more energy than you probably need to when heating each room.

“Energy-efficient windows will not only make your home feel warmer and save you money on your energy bills, but they will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.”

However, those with newer windows need to bear in mind the maintenance needed to keep the heat in.

Mr Troughton said: “It’s really important to keep up the maintenance of your windows as failing to do so could actually cost you a lot of money in heating bills.

“There are a number of great energy-efficient window options available which are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

“These options are specifically designed to harvest as much free energy into your home as possible.”

Another way to keep your windows from taking all the heat is to make sure you have the right blinds or shutters installed.

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Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds told “Wooden Venetian blinds or plantation shutters are great for helping to retain the heat as the materials are generally thicker and essentially act as a barrier between your windows and the room.

“Wood is also a naturally good insulator, helping to keep the interior temperature comfortable and warm.

“If you’re opting for fabric blinds, go for a thicker material such as a blackout blind that blocks both sunlight and draughts.

“As a general rule, try to select a fabric blind without horizontal slats too as any gaps in the material will allow cold air through more easily.”

Droughts anywhere can lead to a drop in temperature and result in the heating being left on for longer.

So, invest in drought excluders to place along the bottom of doors to keep out the chill.

Another tip could be to cover wooden or tiled flooring with rugs to keep toes toasty.

Try and avoid electric heaters, as these can prove costly to run and provide only short-term heat.

Many of us feel the cold at night, especially as our body temperature drops as we fall to sleep.

However, making sure you have a temperature-regulating mattress and warm bedding can work wonders.

Jonathan Warren, director at bed specialist Time4Sleep said: “There are a number of mattress options available that can help regulate your body’s temperature.

“The generation elite gel memory foam mattresses include intelligent temperature regulating technology to help keep you cool in the summer and warm during autumn and winter.

“These mattresses include a temperature-regulating gel that adjusts with your body temperature, resulting in a truly refreshing night’s sleep.

“Generally speaking, a memory foam mattress is usually the best option if you find yourself feeling the cold at night due to the dense material which absorbs heat.”

If you want to knock some money off your monthly bill instantly you could also consider switching your energy provider.

Using a comparison website you can see what the best deals are in your area for your home, potentially saving you hundreds each year.

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