Millions of pensioners missing out on £370 a month in Attendance Allowance from DWP

Some 3.4 million pensioners could be eligible for Attendance Allowance which is paid to people who are physically or mentally disabled. It’s worth up to £370 a month depending on the severity of someone’s condition.

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Older Britons with a disability or illness should check whether they could claim Attendance Allowance from the DWP.

This underclaimed benefit could help people survive the cost of living crisis by providing extra financial support at a time when it is needed most.

Claimants don’t need to have a full time carer to apply.

However, how much they’ll receive will depend on how much their condition affects their ability to carry out everyday tasks.

David Samson, Welfare Benefit Specialist at poverty charity Turn2us, said unclaimed benefits are a huge problem.

He explained: “Whether it is because of an overly complicated system, societal stigma or simply not knowing, there are many reasons why people miss out on their benefits.

“People over the age of 65 are especially likely to be missing out on their entitlements.

“We urge anyone who is unsure of what they are entitled to, to do a benefit calculation to see if there is anything they can claim.”

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From April, all DWP benefits increased 3.1 percent inline with inflation.

This is a yearly increase of £145.60 for Attendance Allowance.

Depending on someone’s condition, they could receive £60 on the lower rate or £89.60 on the higher rate.

How much someone receives depends on certain factors but people who need help during the day and at night could get the higher rate of £89.60.

Am I eligible for Attendance Allowance?

Those who can claim for the elderly care benefit must:

  • Have reached state pension age
  • Have a physical disability (including sensory disability, for example blindness), a mental disability (including learning difficulties), or both
  • The disability is severe enough for them to need help caring for themselves or someone to supervise them, for their own or someone else’s safety
  • Must have needed that help for at least six months (unless they are terminally ill).

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Meanwhile, the new Pension Age Disability Payment will replace Attendance Allowance for people in Scotland.

The benefit rollout will be overseen by Social Security Scotland who is taking over responsibility from the DWP.

Although most things will stay the same when it comes to claiming these new benefits, one of the biggest changes is that there will no longer be face to face assessments.

Just like Attendance Allowance, this new state benefit will be paid to pensioners who require help around the home.

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