Millionaire invests ‘life-changing’ sum into employee’s business – ‘It will treble profits

Undercover Big Boss: Wyldecrest Parks CEO surprises employee

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The CEO of Wyldecrest Parks posed as ‘William Finney’ to find out where the failures may lie within his company. Whilst inspecting the park’s attractions, Mr Best worked as a trainee barman in the Timeout Tavern in Bockenfield.

Mr Best said: “Holiday parks are our speciality that’s what we do, we’re not specialists at running clubs or running bars so as a company we rent these to the third parties.”

Donna is the Clubhouse leaseholder and runs the Timeout Tavern in Wyldecrest Parks, Bockenfield.

After working with Donna for the day, Mr Best had some revelations about the company and wanted to help.

He said: “It’s your business that actually brings people together.

“It’s the heart of the park, that gives people that community feel.”

As a way to help Donna, he shared some exciting news with her.

He continued: “What I would like to do is invest a quarter of a million pounds, expanding your business for you, which will treble your profits.

“We’re going to put new swimming pools in, new conservatories at the front. We’re going to build a new complete games room with pool tables.

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“By increasing the volume of the club, it can only enhance our business.

“But as we’re expanding the park, that surely should enhance your business where there is more footfall.”

The Timeout Tavern is a small club house that used to be an old toilet and shower block.

Donna used the money from her savings to redecorate the place as a way to get more people in and gain more profit to support her family.

Donna said: “It’s nice to know that someone can believe in you.

“A quarter of a million pounds is a hell of a lot of money and I never ever dreamed of them investing like that.

“This is life-changing.”

Mr Best felt like he was losing touch and losing the connection with the grassroots of the business.

Whilst in the head office, it was easy to feel that the community spirit was built from there to the parks but that was wrong.

“I found that’s not true,” Mr Best explained.

He said: “It’s built from the third-party operators to the maintenance team, from the sales team.

“They are the cornerstone of the business; they are part of the team.

“Those are the people that are going to take Wyldecrest Parks to the next level.”

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