Microsoft will sell Xbox Series X on 'subscription model' for £25 a month with over 100 games

MICROSOFT will be flogging the new Xbox Series X for £25 a month with access to more than 100 games.

The next-gen console hasn't been announced yet, but should launch in time for Christmas 2020.

It's courtesy of the Xbox All Access subscription plan – an alternative to paying for an Xbox upfront.

You pay for the console and access to games (via Game Pass) on a monthly basis.

There are several different options available, and only the Xbox One X plan will get you a free upgrade.

The subscription is actually already live right now.

It nets you the Xbox One X, and the ability to upgrade to an Xbox Series X 18 months later.

  • Xbox All Access (Xbox Series X) subscription for £24.99 – buy here

"We realise buying a console is an investment and some players are waiting to make the jump to the next generation with Project Scarlett when it launches in Holiday 2020 alongside 'Halo Infinite'," said Microsoft's Jeff Gattis.

You'll also have to trade in your old console as part of the deal.

There are three different tiers of Xbox All Access in the UK.

The cheapest is £17.99 a month and gets you an Xbox One S with no disc tray, plus £24 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

A £19.99 option includes the disc-tray version of the Xbox One S, but is otherwise identical.

And for £24.99 a month, you can get the Xbox One X – as well as an Xbox 2 upgrade next year.

None of the plans require an upfront fee, and they all run for 24 months.

You'll also need to pass a credit check to access the finance, so not everyone will be eligible.

Of course, Microsoft still hasn't formally unveiled the Xbox 2 so it's impossible to say how good the console will be right now.

But Microsoft's All Access plan gives you a healthy saving on its consoles, so the deals are worth bagging anyway.

  • Xbox All Access (Xbox Series X) subscription for £24.99 – buy here

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Will you be upgrading to the Xbox Series X or PS5? Let us know in the comments!

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