Microsoft Azure Integrates Lition Blockchain As BaaS Provider

Microsoft has integrated Lition blockchain on its Azure cloud computing Blockchain platform as a “blockchain as a service” (BaaS) provider. Lition is now one of the few public/private blockchains supported by a major cloud provider like Microsoft.

The Microsoft Azure platform will enable Lition to gain additional traction and usage by making its blockchain visible to one of the largest customer bases and marketplaces in the industry.

According to the website, Lition is a layer 2 blockchain infrastructure on top of Ethereum that enables commercial usage of dApps. The Lition protocol complements the Ethereum mainchain by adding features such as privacy, scalability and deletability for GDPR compliance.

The Azure platform will help Lition to expand its ecosystem for commercial use cases that handle private data in a legally compliant manner.

It will also enable global organizations and businesses to develop, test, and deploy Lition sidechains and applications easily and efficiently using Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing infrastructure.

Lition’s user community can deploy sidechains or join the network as a validator through preconfigured settings on Azure that are available with the click of a button. This eliminates the need for setting up local servers and manually installing nodes.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible and scalable platform, giving organizations the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications using its tools and frameworks.

The platform currently has the second-largest share of the $229 billion public cloud market, primarily catering to large enterprise clients. Their customer base includes 95 percent of fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, Boeing and Samsung.

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