Method to clean a washing machine with vinegar

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Lora is a content creator who shares her cleaning and cooking tips and tricks on her TikTok account @lorafied. The wife and mum of three shared her washing machine cleaning routine.

She asked her 227.6K followers, “Does your washer smell?” The home expert shared an easy method to get your machine smelling fresh.

All you need to replicate it is the two household cleaning essentials, white vinegar, and baking soda. Lora said: “Take a quarter cup of water and baking soda.

“Mix that together and pour it where you’d normally put your detergent. Now pour two cups of vinegar straight into the drum of your machine and just run a regular cycle using hot water.”

This may well have your machine smelling gorgeous, but if you need an extra cleaning boost, put your sponge to work.

Lora said: “If it’s still stinky after that, use equal parts of vinegar and water and wipe down the inside. Make sure to use the gritty side of the sponge with this solution. And always leave your machine open until it’s dry.”

After leaving the machine to dry and giving it a sniff, Lora said: “Now that’s better. It actually smells like Martha Stewart lives here now.”

Why do washing machines smell? It seems counterintuitive, given that washing machines are supposed to clean things.

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However, they are one the areas of the house that can get dirty after use and start to smell. The smell is caused by mould, mildew, and bacteria trapped in old water in the machine.

This sort of smelly water and grime gets caught in various areas of the machine, the seal, the gasket, and the detergent drawer.

It’s important to clean these areas of the washing machine regularly, as well as running a cycle with a cleaner every now and again. Leave your washing machine door open to allow the drum to air dry after a cycle.

Another mum recently shared her trick for fluffy towels on her social media. Julie Eigenmann is a mum and wife who shares videos about housekeeping, organising and DIY on her TikTok page.

Julie said: “Want to know my secret to fluffy, fresh smelling and absorbent towels? The secret is in how I wash them.”

The mum added: “I use distilled white vinegar instead of fabric conditioners. Fabric conditioners leave chemical residue on towels making them less absorbent.”

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