Melania Trump Unveils White House Rose Garden Renovations Ahead of Her RNC Speech This Week

When Mrs. Trump announced the renovations in late July, Twitter's anti-Trump corners lit up with viral jabs at the first lady for what they saw as a tone-deaf move amid the novel coronavirus pandemic — and the resulting economic damage — as well as national unrest over racial injustice.

"I wonder if Marie Antoinette redid the gardens at Versailles when the revolution was brewing," one user tweeted.

Another chimed in: "Comparing Melania to Marie Antoinette is unfair to Marie Antoinette." (Similar such posts racked up thousands of retweets and likes.)

The first lady faced previously backlash in early March when she shared photos of construction workers building a private tennis complex on the White House grounds, as the COVID-19 pandemic was first beginning to impact the U.S.

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