Melania Trump Says Son Barron Had Virus But Is Negative Now

President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, tested positive for coronavirus while his parents recovered from Covid-19 but never showed symptoms of the disease, his mother said.

First Lady Melania Trump said in a post on the White House website on Wednesday that Barron Trump, 14, initially tested negative after his parents both contracted the virus.

“I couldn’t help but think ‘what about tomorrow or the next day?,” she wrote. “My fear came true when he was tested again and it came up positive. Luckily he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms.”

She added: “He has since tested negative.” She didn’t say precisely when Barron Trump was tested for infection.

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Speaking to reporters as he left the White House on Wednesday, the president said: “Barron’s fine.”

The president announced that he and his wife had contracted Covid-19 on Oct. 2, and he was hospitalized later that day. Melania Trump never required hospital care.

“I am happy to report that I have tested negative and hope to resume my duties as soon as I can,” she said in her post. “Along with this good news, I want people to know that I understand just how fortunate my family is to have received the kind of care that we did.”

The White House physician, Sean Conley, cleared the president to resume his normal activities on Saturday and he returned to the campaign trail on Monday with a rally in Florida. He rallied Tuesday in Pennsylvania and will visit Iowa on Wednesday.

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