Matthew Dowd campaign ends bid for Texas lieutenant governor to make way for diverse candidate

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In media news today, CNN and Chris Cuomo issue scathing statements against each other, the former anchor announces he’s leaving his SiriusXM radio show, and a New York Times op-ed gets mocked for fearing free library is contributing to gentrification.

Left-wing media pundit Matthew Dowd announced he would end his bid for Texas lieutenant governor so that a non-White, male Christian candidate can prevail after the Democrat lasted less than three months in the race.   

“Important news. I am ending my campaign for Lt. Governor of Texas. Now that the race is emerging in a more diverse way, I have made the decisions from a place of integrity to step back,” Dowd tweeted to accompany a press release. 

“Sometimes I fall short, but each day I make every attempt to be the person I see in the mirror,” Dowd wrote. “To that end, I have decided to step back, not file in the Democratic primary, and end my campaign.”  

The Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat, who has never held office, had announced his candidacy on September 29.  

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Dowd, a straight, White, male Christian, raised eyebrows by running after he wrote in 2018 people like himself should not pursue power in order to make space for minorities. However, this is why Dowd claims he’s now backing out.  

“When I first announced, the only other candidate was a White male Christian. A diverse field is now emerging in the Democratic primary for this office. I do not wan to be the one who stands in the way of the greater diversity we need in politics,” he wrote.  

Dowd’s press release indicated he plans to stay involved with politics. 

“I am not dropping out of politics. I will continue to speak out on democracy and help elect servant leaders with common sense and common decency who believe in the common good, up and down the ballot, in Texas and across the nations,” he wrote. “I am in the process of converting my campaign candidate committee to a general purpose committee to support those who step forward to serve the public with integrity.”

Dowd was a Democrat early in his political career, then became a Republican in 1999 and was chief strategist for President George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, and then later left the GOP and became an “independent.” He rejoined the Democratic Party this year.  

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He is one of numerous former Republicans who enjoys frequent media appearances as a zealous GOP basher and committed liberal. While now a Democrat, Dowd purported to be an independent for years despite clearly supporting progressive positions at every turn. The prolific tweeter is also notorious for blocking critics on the social media platform. 

Dowd left ABC News this year after more than a decade as its chief political analyst, and he’s made numerous MSNBC and CNN appearances in 2021. Among his comments this year include guessing more than 100 million people would be killed by climate change this year and saying the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was worse than the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

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