Maserati just debuted its first new halo supercar in 16 years, with sleek looks and a $210,000 base price — see the MC20

  • The MC20 is Maserati's all-new flagship supercar.
  • It has butterfly doors and a mid-mounted engine that makes more than 600 horsepower.
  • The car will be available in fall 2021 and prices will start at $210,000.
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The first brand-new Maserati model in roughly four years and the first new halo car in 16 years is an exciting one — with butterfly doors, a mid-mounted engine, more than 600 horsepower, an aspirational price tag. Meet the new MC20.

On Wednesday, the Italian automaker unveiled its new flagship halo car. It's powered by the Nettuno engine: a twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter V6 that produces a claimed 621 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque. The company said this engine is "100% Maserati," despite Road & Track spotting some similarities between it and engines used by Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Regardless, it should be a pretty sweet unit. 

With the help of a dual-clutch automatic transmission, all of that power is sent to the rear wheels. There's a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that's built to accommodate the coupe and the upcoming convertible and electrified versions. All in all, the MC20 weighs in at 3,306 pounds.

How much for the slick Italian thing, you ask? The MC20 will have a starting price of $210,000, a company spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider. It will be available in the fall 2021, another company spokesperson announced during the car's in-person launch.

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The MC20 is Maserati's newest halo flagship supercar.

The last time Maserati made anything like it, it was 2004 and the world got the MC12. Only 50 road-going examples were ever made and they're worth millions of dollars now.

The MC12 is powered by a naturally aspirated V12.

As you can see, the MC20 will have show-stopping butterfly doors.

It's powered by a mid-mounted Nettuno engine: a 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 that produces 621 horsepower and 538 pounds-feet of torque.

Maserati says the engine is new and "100% Maserati," despite Road & Track's report that it actually shares parts of Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

Source: Road & Track

The power is sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed, dual-clutch transmission.

And the chassis is a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque. The car's claimed weight comes to just 3,306 pounds.

Maserati says this chassis was designed to be used as a coupe, a convertible, and to eventually be compatible with the future electrified version of the MC20.

Maserati also estimates top speed to be 202 mph and the 0-to-60 sprint to happen in less than 2.9 seconds.

The MC20 goes back to an alphanumeric naming scheme and will be built in Modena, Italy.

The design is clean and exhibits restraint.

The rear window vents make the shape of the Maserati trident.

The front brakes are Brembos with six-piston calipers.

The car's aerodynamics were designed and developed through more than 2,000 work-hours in a wind tunnel.

Six colors will be available at launch: Bianco Audace, Giallo Genio, Rosso Vincente, Blu Infinito, Nero Enigma, and Grigio Mistero.

There will also be a carbon-fiber exterior package, a spokesperson said during the car's launch.

Inside, the cabin is very minimalist and driver-focused.

The steering wheel was designed to be thicker to maximize a sporty feeling and ergonomics.

The driver's instrument cluster is entirely digital.

Driving modes will include Wet, GT, Sport, and Corsa.

The infotainment will also be controlled through a center-mounted screen.

The MC20 will start at $210,000 and be available in fall 2021.

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