Mark Levin says Joe Biden is 'The Human Pandemic', declares 'poison of anti-Semitism' has infected Democrats

Mark Levin labels Biden the ‘human pandemic’

Fox News host blasts anti-Semitism coming from the left and critical race theory being adopted in schools on ‘Hannity’

Former Reagan Justice Department official and Fox News host Mark Levin declared President Biden “the Human Pandemic,” and railed against Democrats who have expressed what he called anti-Semitism amid rocket attacks from Palestinian-controlled Gaza into Israel and the responding Israeli fire.

On “Hannity”, host Sean Hannity remarked that Biden is likely preparing for an early bedtime with “a sippy cup,” leading Levin to respond with his remarks:

“There’s a couple things I want to say to Mr. Sippy Cup: He is the Human Pandemic that I said he is,” said Levin. “This poison of anti-Semitism is growing in your party and your silence isn’t going to fix it,” he said, addressing the president.

Levin, who is Jewish, slammed top Jewish Democrats who he said have been silent on or not defended Israel’s sovereignty since the rocket-fire began there earlier this month.

“I don’t care how Bernie Sanders identifies,” he said of the Vermont socialist senator. “[Michigan Rep. Rashida] Tlaib in my opinion is an out-of-the-closet anti-Semite, and is joined by 20 or 30 others of the hard Marxist-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party [including] AOC and Bernie Sanders.

Levin also spent several minutes slamming New York State Attorney General Tish James for what he called a personal, politicized investigation into former President Donald Trump – a native of the state whose real estate business is still headquartered on Fifth Avenue.

Levin said James has an overt vendetta against Trump, and that New York County District Attorney Cy Vance Jr – also probing Trump — is a “real punk and a political hack.”

“[Joseph] Stalin would be proud of you Democrats in New York State,” Levin fumed.

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