‘Lifesaver’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘quick’ cleaning tip to get ‘streak-free’ windows

White vinegar hack for limescale explained by cleaning expert

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame on social media after she started to share unusual cleaning tips and tricks. Now, her followers share their own advice on dedicated cleaning pages, including how to clean windows and glass doors properly.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Claire Bell wrote: “What’s the best thing to clean glass kitchen doors? I’m fed up with cleaning them and they look streaky.”

Glass doors and windows often get grubby, especially the external sides.

They need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain a streak-free finish.

Taking to the comments, Mrs Hinch fans recommended using microfibre cloths.

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Janet Wilkinson said: “Buff with a dry microfibre cloth, it’s quick.”

Sarah Warr wrote: “Minky green cloth, lifesaver and keeps windows streak-free.”

The Minky M Cloth Glass and Window is made from millions of tightly woven high density fibres, which help to quickly remove dirt and grease from windows and other glass objects such as mirrors.”

The cloth is available in a variety of retailers for around £2.

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What’s more, it works by just using water, with no cleaning products needed.

Other group members recommended using white vinegar with the microfibre cloth.

The acidic composition of vinegar acts quickly to break down particles which accumulate on glass surfaces.

This helps to keep windows and glass streak-free.

Chrissy McAllen wrote: “I use a mix of white vinegar and water on a microfibre cloth, works perfectly.”

Alison Appleton said: “I use white vinegar with water in a spray then a microfibre cloth.”

Others suggested using hot soapy water, which is great for those looking for a natural cleaning option.

Some even recommended using “water from the dryer”.

Julie Day said: “Use water from the dryer.”

Paula Louise added: “Yes, water from the dryer.”

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using “any glass cleaner”.

Aimee Wilson wrote: “Any glass cleaner will do the job.”

Rebecca Bradley added: “I get my glass cleaner from Asda, it’s 90p.”

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