‘Least energy-draining’ appliances to save up to £800 on energy bills

Smart Energy shares tips for reducing energy bills

Experts from the UK’s greener bank, Tandem, have worked out the cost of using appliances based on their energy usage to unveil the cheapest appliances in the kitchen.

1. Slow cooker

The experts said: “More and more people are switching to slow cookers to save on their energy bills, thanks to their lower power consumption compared to traditional cooking methods.

“As the evenings grow darker and chillier, why not make the switch to a slow cooker to prepare comforting stews and curries?

“With lower cooking temperatures, a slow cooker only uses 150W for 4.05p per hour, resulting in a substantial 76.95p savings per hour, which can accumulate to an impressive £280.86 in annual savings.”

2. Air fryer

The popularity of air fryers has soared, and they are now considered a kitchen essential for many UK households.

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According to the experts, air fryers cost just 21.6p per hour of use, significantly cheaper than an oven which costs around 80p an hour.

The pros said: “Considering the daily use of ovens for many, this can accumulate to an impressive £216.81 in yearly savings, showcasing how a simple change can translate into significant financial benefits while also being environmentally conscious.”

3. Capsule coffee machines

Indulging in a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for many people, but the experts said it is important to consider the energy costs associated.

They explained: “Boiling a kettle consumes a substantial 2500W, translating to 67.5p for just an hour’s use. 

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“However, for those who opt for the convenience and efficiency of coffee machines, like Nespresso, the power consumption is significantly lower at only 1000W.

“This choice results in a saving of 40.5p per hour. If you’re an avid coffee enthusiast, brewing day in and day out, these savings can add up remarkably. 

“Over a year, choosing a coffee machine over a kettle could save you a substantial £147.85.”

4. Microwave

Microwaves are also essential for many people, making it easy to reheat food in a matter of minutes. What’s more, they use considerably less energy compared to heating the oven.

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The pros noted: “On average, microwaves use around 1,200W, equating to 32.4p per hour, that’s over 50 percent cheaper than its oven counterpart, a saving of £177.39 a year.

“It’s vital to be mindful of the energy consumption of our appliances as it directly impacts our energy bills and has wider implications for the environment. 

“Making energy-efficient choices not only saves money but also reduces our carbon footprint. With energy costs still considerably high, simple switches to more efficient appliances can lead to substantial savings over time. 

“Additionally, considering the environmental impact, every reduction in energy usage contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. 

“So, by being conscious of the energy efficiency of our appliances, we can benefit our wallets and the planet simultaneously.”

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