Lawrence Jones shames media for manufacturing Rittenhouse 'fake news' to win 2020 election

Jones: Media pushing Rittenhouse ‘fake news’ did it to win 2020

‘Fox News Primetime’ host Lawrence Jones revisits the violent events of last summer leading up to Kyle Rittenhouse’s prosecution.

As Kyle Rittenhouse awaits a verdict following the violent events of summer 2020 protests, “Fox News Primetime” host Lawrence Jones argued the media should be the ones held accountable for fabricating a story for political gain.

LAWRENCE JONES: It was the summer of 2020 and the country was literally falling apart. Most of you were mandated to wear a mask and stay inside. But the rioters? They got away with looting businesses and burning down buildings. Curfews were simply just ignored. Stores in major cities were boarded up. And Democrats seized the moment, claiming all the violence on the streets was caused by Trump supporters. Not the rioters that did it…

But if Democrats were really going sell the case — that Trump is a dangerous man with loyal extremist followers — they needed a poster boy. Enter Kyle Rittenhouse. Who cares if he was a kid? Who cares about presumption of innocence?  It’s a heated election and Trump has to go… Now that the election is over, the case has made its way through the system. And it turns out, the Democrats and the media couldn’t have been more wrong about Rittenhouse…

So while we wait for a verdict tonight — with an 18-year-old’s freedom on the line — we have to talk about accountability. Regardless of the outcome, there should be consequences for these people who manufactured this hoax. It was clear disinformation. No, it was misinformation. The people who colluded with the media to push this fake news did it all just to win an election. I just hope it was worth it.


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