Laundry hacks: ‘Inexpensive’ 30p staple to keep dark clothes ‘looking good for longer’

Lynsey Crombie shares best ways to use bicarbonate of soda

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Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean on Instagram, has shared another handy household hack for washing clothes. Lynsey, who is also a cleaning expert for ITV’s This Morning, suggested using salt to keep dark clothes “looking good for longer”. She posted a video of the hack on her Instagram account this morning.

She said in the post: “Cleaning Tip Tuesday.

“Do you ever add salt to your dark laundry?

“Well, if you don’t, next time you have a dark load, in particular, dark jeans add a scoop of table salt to the drum before adding your laundry.”

“Well, salt is a great inexpensive staple that most homes have and when added to dark laundry, it will help prevent colour fading.

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“Don’t forget to also wash dark garments inside out and use a cooler wash temperature too.

“Simple tips like this will keep your clothes looking good for longer.”

In Lynsey’s video, she popped a scoop of salt into the washing machine drum.

The cleaning expert then made sure all her clothes were inside out.

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She then put her dark laundry – including jeans – into the machine and put the machine on a cool setting.

Lynsey’s post received almost 850 likes from fellow cleaning enthusiasts and a plethora of comments.

One person asked whether they could use dishwasher salt rather than kitchen salt.

Lynsey said to use kitchen salt because dishwasher salt is “different”.

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Other comments marvelled at how amazing the hack is while others vowed to try it.

Instagram user @lifewiththeszoltyseks said: “Ooh I didn’t know this! Definitely going to try!”

Another user known as @natalies_house_x commented: “Did not know that!

“Will definitely be trying this next time I do a dark wash.”

Instagram user @janehlovespink replied: “This is fab!

“I turned inside out, but will definitely try the salt tip!

“We have a lot of black clothes in our house. Thanks.”

Social media user @charli95419 wrote: “Do this all the time, it’s great.”

Essential Waitrose table salt costs 55p.

Saxa Table Salt Drum is £1.20 from Sainsbury’s.

Cook With M&S Table Salt is 30p from Ocado.

Saxa Table Salt costs £1.05 from Tesco.

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