‘It works, thanks HRH’ Duchess of Cornwall’s ‘lemonade’ trick to help bouquets last longer

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While the prolonged sunshine and ongoing heatwave might be welcome news to sun-seekers, for your indoor plants and floral arrangements, the soaring temperatures could pose a new threat. According to Judith Blacklock, florist and author of Buying and Arranging Cut Flowers, the warmer temperatures rise, the less time cut flowers and floral arrangements will last around the home.

There are a number of tips and tricks that can help to give your flowers an added boost, but one in particular is favoured by the Duchess of Cornwall herself.

Judith told Express.co.uk: “I always thought that adding lemonade to the water did not work but thanks to the Duchess of Cornwall, who is a great fan of this method.”

During a meeting at her London home, Clarence House in 2015, Camilla revealed her trick while crafting a bouquet from delphiniums which were to be donated to a local cancer charity.

She said: “Do you ever put lemonade in your water?

“If you put it in then [the flowers] do keep longer and it helps keep the water clear.”

The mix of acid and sugar are believed to stop bacteria and help flowers last longer.

Though Judith says she was a little hesitant about the trick initially, she experimented with a few varieties of lemonade and found a method that she says works.

Judith explained: “I tried sprite and it works. Thank you, HRH.”

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However, she advises against some other regularly recommended methods.

She said: “Do avoid bleach or sugars.

“Bleach kills the good elements in the water and sugar is food for bacteria.”

Judith also emphasises the importance of using plant food to give your floral arrangements plenty of nutrients.

She said: “Cut flower food really does make flowers last longer.

“This is in the small packet attached to most bunches of flowers.”

If you don’t use cut flower food, Judith recommends changing the water in your vase every day.

The florist added: “Otherwise [change your water] every few days but add flower food again when you change the water.”

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