iPhone storage full – I found an easy way to pick which apps to delete to free up space

IF YOUR iPhone has run out of storage space, you can free up space by deleting memory-hungry apps that you hardly use.

Knowing which apps to delete, however, isn't the easiest task – unless you use this handy trick.

Filling up your iPhone storage is bad for your device's performance and means you can't take photos or download podcasts or music.

It's therefore good practice to give your handset a little spring clean every now and then to ensure you've got plenty of space to play around with.

To find out which apps you use the least, open your iPhone Settings app and tap "General" > "iPhone Storage".

You'll be presented with an overview of what is taking up the most storage on your iPhone and how much room you've got left.

If you scroll down, you'll see a list of all your apps ordered by how much space they're taking up.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp will be at the very top if you send a lot of files and have plenty of chats backed up.

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If you click on an app, you'll see how much space it takes up alone, as well as how much space the data you've got stored on it is using up.

The best thing to do is look for apps you don't use and delete them. Simply tap on your app of choice and then hit "delete app".

You can also do this via the home screen by tapping and holding the app you want to delete until it starts to jiggle.

Then simply click the "X" next to it and confirm the deletion.

If you go back to the "iPhone Storage" section in settings you can also choose to "Offload" apps instead of binning them.

This temporarily disables an app without deleting it and will give you a bit more storage space.

The app will remain on your home screen, but you will have to tap and download it again when you want to start using it.

Just make sure you've got enough storage space to get it back when the time comes.

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