iPhone owners complain about a mysterious new issue that strikes while you sleep – is yours affected? | The Sun

A MYSTERIOUS 'bug' has caused iPhones to turn off at night and reawaken before the morning alarm, according to reports from users.

Early this week, a number of iPhone noticed their devices switched off at around 3am, only to reanimate around 7am.

A Reddit user alerted others to the issue.

After waking up to their usual morning alarm, the Redditor noticed they had to input their pin instead of rely on their Face ID.

This is something an iPhone demands after it has been shut down, either by manually being switched off or losing battery.

"As my alarm went off, I noticed that I had to re enter my SIM pin and it wouldn’t get out of the sleep focus without my intervention," they wrote.



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It was apparently completely new behaviour from their device.

Intrigued, they checked their battery statistics which shows what a phone gets up to at any given time.

This information can be found in Settings > Battery > Last 24 Hours.

They added: "What sets me off especially is that it has been off for four hours.

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"I would’ve just said it’s a bug if it restarted within a minute or so, but why would it stay off for four hours and then just magically boot about half an hour prior to my alarm going off?"

It turns out they weren't alone.

The Reddit post showed a number of equally confused iPhone owners in the comments, who also experienced the bizarre shutdown in the early hours of 10 October.

The issue is not limited to iPhone 15 models, either, which have faced a number of problems since their launch in September.

Many users have reported experiencing the 'bug' with older devices like the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 14 Pro Max.

"It happened to my iPad and iPhone X night before last, but not my new 15 Pro. It's not new to iOS 17," one Apple fan commented.

Another wrote: "I knew I wasn’t seeing things! When I checked my phone this morning it too had rebooted in the night at some point."

However, many others have been completely unaffected,

It's unclear why this might be the case.

iPhone restarts can be triggered by dodgy apps, device overheating, among a range of other causes.

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But it's unlikely these are the causes when the shutdowns are choreographed to the same time periods across multiple devices.

The Sun has contacted Apple for comment.

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