iOS 15: Three things I want on my iPhone

Hard to believe it’s almost June, yet here we are.

If you follow technology, then you know June is a big month. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will bring tons of video game fans together to see what’s next for their home video game console, PC, or mobile device.

Then, of course, there is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), during which we get the first look at the latest version of iOS and what new features are headed to our smartphones.

Fans of the iPhone and other Apple products will know more on June 7 during the tech giant’s keynote.

While we wait, here are three things I’d like this coming iOS update to bring to my iPhone.

A better way to manage notifications

Apple has gotten better making notifications easier to reach beyond searching for your Settings, but I’d like more options for deciding when I want to see notifications, beyond just always toggling on or off. Maybe I want my work email notifications off while I’m at a computer but on while I’m away. Timed notifications would be a good solution. 

Upgrades to widgets

I enjoy having a Spotify app as a widget on my iPhone. What I don’t like is that it’s basically just a giant app icon. Yes, I can see what most recent playlist is available, but I wouldn’t mind playing directly from the widget without opening the app. It works with your notifications. Why not make these widgets more active?

Split screen options

I admit this one is going to be tricky for iPhone since you have some models with smaller sizes and there’s only so much real estate on your screen. But I’d love a way to use two apps at once. For example, I have a browser open and I want to save a link to Notes, or I see a photo and want to drag it over to an iMessage. 

What do you want from iOS 15? Let me know on Twitter @brettmolina23. 

What else happened in tech?

Stopping disinformation. The latest battleground? Climate change. A new report from Advance Democracy is urging Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to curb the spread of lies.

A big deal in streaming.Amazon scooped up MGM for $8.45 billion, which means James Bond, Rocky and Robocop have a new home. And the streaming battle for your eyeballs just got a lot more interesting.

To like or not to like? Facebook and Instagram are going to let users hide likes from their own posts or those of other users.

A tech tip

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