Interior designer shares how to decorate a ‘practical and clinical’ bathroom

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Bathrooms can often look cold, echoey and bland, often being decorated in neutral colours. But bathrooms don’t have to be practical and cold, but can look luxurious and relaxing. Adding softness and luxury to a cold-looking bathroom can be a tricky task, especially if a bathroom needs to be practical too.

TV presenter and interior designer Sophie Robinson has shared exactly how homeowners can transform their “practical and clinical” bathrooms into a softer, more textured space.

Sophie said her trick is to approach a bathroom exactly how you would approach any other room in a house.

She explained to “I recently did my bathroom and I decided to apply all the same rules I would if I decorated my living room.

“People become obsessed with making a bathroom very practical and clinical.

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“My bathroom – I don’t have a shower in it so there’s not a lot of water splash – I have wallpaper, rugs on the floor, paintings on the wall and I’ve got soft furnishings at the window because it’s a bathroom for relaxing in.

“Everybody thinks they have to tile a bathroom from wall to ceiling and all the way around which makes it echoey and quite cold.

“Unless you are spraying water around the room, you can use softer furnishing materials.

“Otherwise, I would say add softness with the accessories.

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“Having plants in the bathroom is a massive trend at the moment.”

Sophie said houseplants are such a trend in bathrooms that people are even sharing pictures of their jungle-themed bathrooms.

Houseplants, especially tropical ones, also love the humidity of bathrooms.

Sophie added: “I’d have lots of plants and then add softness with textiles like with rugs on the floor, natural materials like wood and woven textiles – baskets and that sort of thing.

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“You need lots of texture to contrast with the cold, shiny tiles.”

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In each show, Sophie tackles two different interiors while advising homeowners on how to design their home and best spend their money.

On next week’s episode of the show, Sophie will be helping Christina and Giles.

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Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson continues on Wednesday at 7pm on Channel 5.

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