Inside ‘world’s fastest megayacht’ dubbed 'ThunderBird' that’s bigger than the Wembley pitch with incredible glass decks | The Sun

THESE are the incredible new plans for the world's fastest megayacht that's bigger than the Wembley pitch.

The Turkish yacht designer Aras Kazar has unveiled a jaw-dropping concept design for a new super vessel named Wakinyan.

Named after Wakíŋyaŋ, the Native American Lakota word for thunder spirits, thunder beings, or thunder birds, the yacht was designed to resemble an elegant bird floating on water.

The concept features both futuristic and minimalist lines that from above, create a striking silhouette.

The luxury vessel spans a mega 425ft – making it even bigger than the football pitch at Wembley Stadium.

Wakinyan boasts full-height tempered glass windows, five guest cabins, one master suite, crew cabins, a spa and even a deck pool.


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Thanks to the full glass decks, guests will be able to enjoy almost 360 panoramic views with plenty of natural light to flood the interior space.

The European designer claims the interior has a soft, gentle feeling – an attempt to evoke a sense of calmness to all those that board the super yacht.

"Wakinyan is designed to make you feel calm and relaxed, either when you are enjoying it from the inside or just looking at it from outside," he said.

The superyacht is a trimaran, as it has three hulls, and comes fitted with electric and hydrofoil technology, giving it a record hitting speed of 32 knots.

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The current first place title for the worlds fastest superyacht is the Azzam vessel – which hit 31.5 knots in 2013.

Kazar points out that Wakinyan is  “not one of those boring slow superyachts."

Although the stunning ship is only at a "concept level", it could go into production if an investor is found.

But there is currently no estimated price for the impressive model.

Kazar has been releasing designs for "minimalist, sleek and futuristic" yachts for over a decade now.

Some of his most famous work includes Ono, a 492ft gigayacht that looks like a UFO hovering on the water, and Noah's Ark, an epic 217ft trimaran.

The designer has hinted he has more futuristic concepts in the pipeline which will be released in the coming months.

This comes after designs for a "modern and chic" vessel were unveiled by the esteemed Rodriguez Design Studio in January.

The incredible futuristic 277ft superyacht is equipped with a mind-blowing infinity jacuzzi, four jet skis and even a helipad.

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