Inside Princess Charlene & Prince Albert of Monaco’s lavish home amid Charlene’s absence

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After illness turned a short trip into a six-month stint in her home country of South Africa, Princess Charlene of Monaco has been absent from her marital home for quite some time. News today of a successful final surgery for the Princess has sparked rumours of her ‘imminent’ return to Palais Princier de Monaco. With Prince Albert yet to be reunited with his wife, the royal palace remains unusually empty – and this is what it looks like.

Where do Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco live?

The royal couple currently live at Palais Princier de Monaco together with their six-year-old twins.

Built in 1911, the historic palace is the epitome of royal living with grand entrances and plush furnishings found throughout the Mediterranean palace.

Also known as The Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the exquisite site has hosted a range of special events in the huge courtyard.

Having married at the royal residence in 2011, Palais Princier de Monaco holds a special place in the heart of the royal family with its rich history and intriguing architecture.

While the palace is open to the public, the living quarters of the family are tucked away – though the royal pair are partial to sharing a glimpse into their regal home with the public.

What does Palais Princier de Monaco look like?

The Italian renaissance-inspired building makes for a lavish home for Princess Charlene, Prince Albert II and their two children, Jacques and Gabriella.

Much like the British Royal Family, the Monaco royals use the balcony of the palace to make public appearances.

Photographs of the 43-year-old Princess and 63-year-old Prince of Monaco at their home-held engagement celebration and wedding ceremony have revealed the true grandeur of the palace interior.

A double marble staircase adorned with green and white flowers can be seen in the background of the couple as they stand at the altar during the ceremony.

Regal red carpets can be seen neatly laid across the floor as guests look upon the couple as they sit on velour chairs in a matching shade of red.
Features of the Palace:

  • Ornate archways
  • Mediterranean terracotta-shade framing on windows and doors
  • Symmetrical architecture and open-plan spaces
  • Warm yellow lighting at the forefront of the palace exterior
  • Grand staircases
  • Intricate gold wall detailing

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  • Deep red furniture
  • Clean off-white exterior
  • Tropical foliage and plants dotted around the grounds
  • Large gold portrait frames
  • Rich-red wallpaper
  • Renaissance ceiling paintings
  • Exquisite low-hanging gold and glass chandeliers
  • Decadent walls
  • Iconic exterior
  • Regal state rooms


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Has the palace been renovated?

During the French Revolution, the palace housed extensive art collections.

In 1814, the palace was refurbished after some 20 years of dis-use and once again at the end of the 19th century.
Prince Albert’s decision to begin renovating the palace once again will see major changes made to restore the exterior and interior decorations.

The renovations started five years ago and are expected to be finished by Spring 2022 when the public will be able to see a refreshed version of the palace for themselves.

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is open to visitors from April to mid-October, attracting millions of tourists each year.

Why has Princess Charlene of Monaco been absent from the palace?

While Princess Charlene has been unable to fly home, the family were reunited back in August.

Pictures of the family surfaced on the Princess’ social media, showing Prince Albert, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques in a sweet embrace at a safari in South Africa.

Charlene’s absence initially sparked debate over the couple’s marriage with rumours of their supposed ‘unhappiness’ circulating.

While she is yet to return to her family home in the luxurious setting of Monaco, only time will tell how the royal pair will adjust to their old life back in the Mediterranean palace.

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