Ingraham backs parents as Biden, Justice Department try to criminalize them

Ingraham Angle: Arrogant, Bullying Cowards

Biden DOJ trying to criminalize parenting, but we won’t stand for it

The universal issue taking over the year 2021 is the labored conflict between school boards and concerned parents who “The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham defended Thursday as critical race theory infiltrates curriculum nationwide.

“The one good thing about the awful, terrible pandemic is that parents had the time to burrow into their children’s schooling – and many were horrified about what they saw,” she said. “It turns out that a new so-called ‘anti-racism’ and gender equity focus wasn’t so popular after all.”

Ingraham pointed out that school boards across the country expected to get away with revamping traditional coursework without being noticed but they were “badly mistaken.”

“Now parents and citizens alike see how activists promoting a deeply anti-American agenda have wormed their way into every facet of the educational experience,” she said. “Parents should be upset about this and their concerns are not political – they’re practical.”

“Parents should be demanding answers because schools have become a minefield for Democrats, of course, the Biden Administration just reflexively took the side of school boards against the parents.”

After the National School Board Association pleaded for relief from frustrated parents and protests, Ingraham described that the DOJ “snapped into action” by promising to take action against domestic terrorism.

“It sent a chilling message to moms and dads, pretty much anyone interested, from coast to coast: Beware joining a movement that we essentially link to domestic terror,” she said.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, instead of accepting defeat, Attorney General Merrick Garland dug into his directive for the DOJ. Ingraham argued it became very clear why such action took place.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is sworn in during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the Department of Justice on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021. (Tom Brenner/Pool via AP)

“The White House let it be known that they needed this school controversy to quiet down and for parents to pipe down,” she said. “Dangling the possibility of FBI action against parents just attending school board meetings would be one way to get that done, or so they thought. This was all coordinated and it blew up spectacularly.”

Ingraham’s bottom line attested that taxpaying parents, who fund public schools, have the right to ask questions and demand accountability. And any politician who stands in the way of these rights “should be tossed from office.”

“This spells political defeat for McAuliffe and countless Democrats who believe they’re above reproach as long as they’re woke.”

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