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Easter’s just around the corner, which means for many a few extra days off to get out and about.

But, nearly half of the UK’s families and young adults are considering cancelling planned activities due to increases in the cost of parking.

That’s according to research conducted by the online parking portal,, which asked 1,006 drivers whether rising economic costs would impact on planning future days out.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents said they were likely to cancel their plans due to the rising cost of parking.

The results come at a time when many in the country are facing increasing costs on all fronts, with certain destinations and specific venues having recommended parking charging upwards of £20 a day.

Using specific parking apps such as YourParkingSpace can save you a tidy sum.


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Parking from 9-5 in Westminster, London can easily cost around £50, whereas the average price using YourParkingSpace is just £16.

The savings continue when you look at places such as Birmingham, York and Edinburgh where you can save around 50-60% on parking charges if you utilise the same digital approach.

Brannan Coady, CEO of said: “Over the past year we have seen the price of parking increase at many council-run sites and event venues, and our research shows that this is starting to deter families from planning days out.

“When you consider the disruption many have had to go through over the past three years, we should be looking for ways to increase opportunities for families to experience the moments they may have missed out on.”

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However, savvy families looking to overcome these expensive charges could instead look at pre-booking parking via apps such as

Mr Coady continued: “Our research shows that using can offer cheaper alternatives to dedicated venue parking.

“Parents are very resourceful and with a little pre-planning via our site, family fun can be back on the cards.”

To find out more about renting a driveway or parking space, visit

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