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A WOMAN is being taken to court over a £100 parking fine from four years ago – and has vowed she's ready to go to court to fight the "unfair" penalty.

Jacqui Webb received the penalty after abandoning her car to get to a medical appointment as queues to exit the car park were 45 minutes long.

The 52-year-old claimed she fought the ticket over the last four years – but the parking firm have denied any correspondence or appeal from her.

Jacqui claimed she did not overstay in the parking spot and left with plenty of time to spare.

But she became stuck in a queue of cars also desperately trying to leave the "badly-designed" car park.

Exasperated Jacqui – who was running late for a physiotherapy appointment – ended up leaving her car in the car park and walking out.

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However, a few days later she was slapped with a £100 fine in a letter informing her she had stayed over the three-hour limit.

If she paid within two weeks the fine would be reduced to £65 but the Derby resident is adamant she will not pay – and is willing to go to court to fight the fine.

She told the Derby Telegraph: "It's not my fault. Whoever's responsible for the monstrosity that is Kingsway Retail Park is responsible for this."

Jacqui, who is self-employed in online marketing, explained there is only one entrance and exit for the entire car park.

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"If you were stuck in an ambulance needing to go to the Royal when there was a traffic jam, you'd die," she claimed.

"Everyone in Derby knows it's an absolute nightmare. It's been an ongoing problem. It's constant."

Complaints have been brought to the site owner of Kingsway Retail Park since 2016, and now taxi companies believe the problem is so bad they refuse to collect customers from the car park.

"It's outrageous. I don't need this hassle in my life. My ideal scenario is that they drop it so I don't have to go through all this (court proceedings) again because its annoying and stressful and I don't need it," Jacqui added.

"It's just ridiculous."

Now, the frustrated resident has to gather evidence and file it by November 7 – before waiting for another court date.

The insistent motorist asked: "Why should I pay them? I didn't want to leave my car there but I had to. It's their issue.

"I've spent hours and hours of time, and money, on this. Who's going to compensate me for the stress and aggravation?"

A spokesperson for Highview Parking, the company responsible for the parking spaces at the retail park, said: "Unfortunately, no appeal, correspondence or payment has ever been received from the motorist, and as such, the matter has now escalated.

"It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that they allow enough time to remove their vehicle from the premises within clearly signposted time limit.

"Had Ms Webb wished to challenge the PCN there were a number of ways she could have done this over the past few years, including via POPLA, the independent appeals service."

This comes as other drivers fight ridiculous fines, including Martin Andrew and wife Jackie.

The couple, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, received the ticket when they went out for a meal in June.

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Martin, 54, said he was recovering from surgery at the time, and is a legitimate blue badge holder.

But weeks later he and his wife Jackie, 56, received a hefty £170 fine for parking in a disabled bay.

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