I'm being 'crucified' by £4,000 ULEZ charge despite my ice cream van 'emitting LESS pollution than exempt cars'

AN ICE cream van driver claims he is being unfairly fined by a £4,000 emissions charge – despite his vehicle causing less pollution than cars that are exempt, he says.

Marcello Bonito, 53, has been working in London for 33 years – but he says he's being 'crucified' by the Ultra Low Emissions Zone bill.

His van is classified as 'Euro 5' – meaning he has to pay £12.50 each day in ULEZ charges to operate in Hammersmith, West London.

The minimum emission standards in the ULEZ for diesel vehicles is 'Euro 6' – a category which Marcello's van doesn't meet.

However, Marcello claims his van registered a 0.5 CO reading in its latest emissions test – lower than vehicles which are classified as 'Euro 6' and are exempt from the charge, he says.

He told MyLondon: "Why should I pay the ULEZ everyday when my vehicle is cleaner than some of these Euro 6s?

"I have it in black and white the emissions are lower on my van and still I have to pay the £12.50."

He added: "I’m not just saying it for myself, a lot of vehicles out there are in the same situation.



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"My mechanic said there are a lot of people who come here with the same problem.

"I will be working a week to give Mr Khan nearly £90 out of my pocket. It has just dawned on me how unfair it is, I’m getting stung £12.50 for a polluting vehicle which is not polluting."

As the weather gets warmer, Marcello said he will be out selling ice creams more often – and will therefore have to pay more in ULEZ charges.

He said: "From March onwards I am out everyday of the week.

"It’s not right what they are doing. They are crucifying people. They are getting robbed to use their vehicle.

"People have changed their vehicles for no reason. The thing is it’s £12.50 now but what will it be in a year’s time, where does it stop?"

The Sun has contacted TfL for comment.

More drivers got hit by the daily ULEZ charge after the zone was expanded in October.

Originally, the zone only covered a small part of Central London but it was made 18 times bigger last year.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone is designed to reduce harmful emissions in the capital.

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