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AN EXPERT mechanic claims there is a serious issue they always face when drivers bring Teslas into their garage.

The Tesla expert took to social media to demonstrate that you don't actually need your phone or car keys to open the front boot.

Royalty Auto Service’s (@royaltyautoservice) TikTok video begins with one of their mechanics, Andy, saying that this Tesla car has been charging for more than six hours.

He then recorded the screen of the car to demonstrate that the Tesla is actually charged.

Then, he opens a small access panel in the front bumper, which also reveals power supply leads.

And then the mechanic connects a portable jump starter to the correct leads, and surprisingly the frunk opens.


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A frunk is a covered space in the front of a car, most often found in electric vehicles, where items can be carried or stored.

However, Tesla says that you can only open the front boot with a portable jump starter when the car has no battery.

The mechanic was left in shock after discovering that there is a button inside the front boot that allows a person locked inside to get out in seconds.

He said: "Kind of weird, but in case your groceries wanted to escape or something yeah, I was just kind of shocked by that one. I would understand in the back but in the front. I would like somebody to give us an explanation for that button."

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"We got a button inside the front boot that works the latch too, so if you store away your 3-year-old child, they can hit the button and jump out.

The video has gone viral on social media with more than 80,000 views on TikTok and users were quick to comment.

One said: "All Model 3 does it regardless if they are wrecked or not. The Model S has cables you need to pull, one in each front wheel arch."

Another said: "Lock the car then try it."

A third pointed out: "The interior trunk/frunk releases are government mandated because kids play hide and seek and get trapped."

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