I'm an EV expert – here's an easy way you can jump start a dead Tesla… many have old batteries that can die over time | The Sun

AN EV expert revealed the EASY way you can jump start a dead Tesla – it may happen more than you think.

Many of Elon Musk's popular electric vehicles have smaller size batteries that die over time – don't get caught out.

Speaking on his YouTube account, Tesla guru, @EverydayChris, explained the simple process to bring your EV back to life.

He pointed out that the premium models don't have physical keys to open their doors – making it harder to access the battery when it dies.

"Surprisingly Teslas have a smaller lithium ion battery to run the electronics," said Chris.

"Just like a gas car, this smaller battery in the front can die over time and when this happens the Tesla will not be able to drive.

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"One issue is that if your battery is dead you may not be able to get into your car in the first place since there's no physical key to open the door in the first place.

"So, you will need to access the battery by opening the front, by popping open the toe eye cover on the bumper, you will see a positive and negative terminal.

"You can use a jump starter and connect the cable to open the front.

"Black is negative and red is positive.

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"Once the front is open you can remove a plastic piece to get to the battery, then jump start it to turn on the Tesla, open the door and start it.

"Connect the jump start cables in the same way on the positive and negative terminals, with your kit."

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